Friday, 20 November 2020

Pre-summer fertilizer and mulch for our Japanese Garden

Some pre-summer fertilizer and water-saving mulch to see the Japanese Garden through the warmer/hotter months to come! We'll plant some more mondo grass next autumn.

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Cherry Blossom Time!

 The cherry blossom trees are at their peak at the moment but unfortunately, our 2020 Hanami Party has been cancelled due to the coronavirus restrictions. You will just have to make do with these photos taken this afternoon:

Some other images from the garden:

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Early spring in our Japanese Garden

It would appear that my winter fertilizing and dead-heading has paid dividends. The flowers are blooming marvellous and the first signs of the cherry blossom are emerging!




Cherry blossom




If anyone is able to identify the specific varieties then I would appreciate hearing from you!