Japanese Garden

Our Japanese Garden is located on the Senior Campus of Frankston High School on Towerhill Road.

1990 - Looks like this site is going to need a lot of work!

Site inspection with consultant Mr. K. Shiono from Susono

In the early 1980's the FSFA executive decided to create a lasting monument to the sister city relationship with Susono. A Japanese style garden was planned by both Carlton landscape gardener Harry Lucy and Mr. K. Shiono from Susono, but finding a suitable location was a long and rather difficult challenge. A number of proposed sites were suggested over several years including outside the Civic Centre, Ballam Park Technical School and Monash University's Frankston Campus.

After many, many hours work the garden is completed! 

And ready for the Opening Ceremony

In 1990 an appropriate site adjoining the Frankston High School senior library was offered by principal Ken Rowe. A huge amount of work was required to clear and clean the site: add height to and render the internal brick walls, source suitable tiles to cap the walls, select the many large boulders and place them in the garden, as well as bringing in the soil, trees, plants, grasses, smaller rocks and stones. The 2 large stone lanterns and other Japanese garden artifacts, which were a gift from Susono and had been in storage for many years, were also incorporated into the design.

Opening Ceremony on Sunday 23 February 1997

Frankston High principal Ken Rowe, School captain Sarah Wilson and Mr. K. Shiono

After many hours work completed during joint working bees by FSFA and Frankston High School, along with the great support of businesses and organizations such as Yazaki Australia, Hillview Quarries and Frankston Council, the garden was opened with a formal ceremony on Sunday 23 February 1997 - the weekend of the 15th anniversary of the Frankston Susono sister city relationship.

Group photo taken in the garden during 2002

The Susono delegation in 2012 included Mayor Ohashi

Many of the trees and shrubs have grown to full maturity and require annual pruning and maintenance. The garden has become the setting for many FSFA events including our Japanese Festival which is held every 2 years, our annual Hanami Party in late October, Japanese Network and Past Exchange Student gatherings, and viewings by Japanese visitors and delegations.

The garden in full blossom during October 2014

The 3 large cherry trees produce vivid pink blossoms every October

Recent renovations completed by the school has created 3 classrooms adjoining the garden with bi-fold doors which open to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. I am told that it is an ideal setting to focus the students on their studies!

2016 Hanami Party

February 2017

Whilst the garden continues to flourish for the most part, the searing heat during the summer months warms the large boulders, draws moisture from the earth, and creates areas where the mondo grasses struggle to survive. The primary focus in these warmer months is to ensure the garden is well watered!

January 2019
Our 2019 Hanami Party

If you would like to arrange a viewing of our Japanese Garden, please contact one of our executive committee members so we can organize a suitable time.