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The City of Frankston established the Frankston Susono Friendship Association in February 1982 to administer the sister city relationship on its behalf. 

The Association is a group of volunteers who devote much of their time to:

  • Promoting an exchange of ideas and customs between Australia and Japan,
  • Promoting and celebrating Japanese culture, language and traditions,
  • Promoting and celebrating Frankston and Australian culture in Susono,
  • Managing student exchange programs, and the exchange of educational resources between schools,
  • Helping cement significant relationships between Japanese and Australians,
  • Promoting travel to and from Japan and 
  • Promoting and developing relationships with Japanese related organisations and businesses in Frankston and on the Mornington Peninsula.

Responsibilities of FSFA


  • Maintain strong links with Frankston City Council and the Community of Frankston,
  • Maintain strong links with the Susono Overseas Friendship Association, the officials of the City of Susono and the community of Susono,
  • Ensure an information service on the sister city relationship and Japan is available to all parties,
  • Publish and distribute a regular newsletter,
  • Enhance our relationship by promoting special events and initiatives through such avenues as Frankston City Council publications, our own newsletter and related internet sites,
  • Provide valuable networking opportunities, both in Frankston and Susono and
  • Provide first-hand knowledge and experience in dealing with Susono and Japan.

Education and Student Exchange 

  • Promote the continued development of students through exchanges and study abroad programs for schools in both Frankston and Susono,
  • Establish educational exchanges and links at various levels including junior primary, primary and secondary schools, technical and further education institutions and schools focusing on special education,
  • Encourage key educators and industry experts to assist in identifying and developing future opportunities,
  • Jointly manage (with the Susono Overseas Friendship Association) an exchange program between Frankston and Susono that enables students to:

- Study first hand some of the culture and accomplishments of people in Japan and Australia,

- Advance their education by studying for up to a year in an environment entirely different from their own and by undertaking study of courses and subjects that may not be normally available to them in secondary schools at home,

- Broaden their own outlook by learning to live with and meet people with a different culture and language from their own, and by having to cope with day to day problems in an environment completely different from the one they have experienced at home,

- Act as ambassadors for their home city by addressing community organisations and other groups in Susono and by imparting as much knowledge as they can of their own city and country and its culture to the people they meet during their time in their host city and country, and

- Study and observe all facets of life and culture in their host country so that on their return home they can pass on the knowledge they have gained to others in their home city.

Cultural and Tourism Development

  • Celebrate and showcase Japanese culture and products through displays and exhibitions such as the Cultural Fair, Speech Contest and Performing Arts Concert.
  • Celebrate and promote Australian Culture and Frankston in Susono in conjunction with the Susono Overseas Friendship Association.
  • Enable the community of Frankston to:
- participate in international visits with introductions and specialised visits for specific target areas such as education, sports and the arts,

- have access to established links with tourism, cultural and educational bodies, and

- have the opportunity to experience the culture of Japan developed through local travel specialists and tourism activities in association with cultural, arts and sporting events in Frankston and Susono.