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1980 to 1982

In March 1980 the concept of a sister city relationship between Frankston and Susono came from informal discussions held at a function at Yazaki Australia Pty. Ltd. between the Mayor at that time, the late Cr. Ken Mair, the late Sir Phillip Lynch and Yazaki officials.

From 23 to 25 February 1981, Frankston received a delegation of 14 Susono citizens.

Susono Delegation: (Click to view Delegation members)
Mr Takaji Hara
Mr. Hiromichi Sugiyama
Mr. Yoshio Takamura
Mr. Takehisa Takahashi
Mr Hisashi Inque
Mr Jiro Katsumata
Mr. Masaharu Katsumata
Mr. Yukihiro Sugiyama
Mr. Kazuhiko Sugiyama
Miss Yukiko Sugiyama
Miss Hitomi Watanabe
Miss Kaoru Hara
Mr. Sueo Ichikawa &
Mr. Yuji Oishi.

From 27 May to 3 June 1981, 25 Frankston residents made a return visit to Susono.

Frankston Delegation: (Click to view Delegation members)
Mr Noel Ferguson, J.P.
Mr Derek Bunyan, J.P. & Mrs Marie Bunyan
Mr Max Batchelor
Mr Ken Mair & Mrs Sue Mair
Mr Don Stone, J.P. & Mrs Marianne Stone
Mr Rogan Ward & Mrs Diana Ward
Mr Bill Dowell & Mrs Florence Dowell
Mr David Owen
Mr Bryce Pullen
Mr Bob Scales
Mr John Graham
Mr David Clay
Mr Fred Womersley
Mr John McCready
Mr Jack Torcaso
Mr Ron Carter
Mr Ted Harrison &
Mr Adrian Butler.

On the 22nd June 1981, the Council approved the formation of the Sister City Relations Committee made up of the members of the first delegation.


On 22 February 1982, the official proclamation was executed at a ceremony held in both Cities. The Frankston ceremony was attended by approximately 100 people and the documents were signed by the Mayor Cr. Rogan Ward, the Chairman of the Sister City Relations Committee Cr. Noel Ferguson and the Town Clerk Adrian Butler.

Read the Proclamation (Click to view Proclamation)
"Whereas the Mayor and Council of the City Of Frankston in the State of Victoria, Australia, and the Mayor and City Assembly of the City of Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, believe that the promotion of friendship and goodwill and the development of educational, cultural, social and economic exchanges between the people of the two cities will strengthen knowledge and understanding between Australia and Japan and so, in turn, transcend national and political boundaries to form an everlasting foundation for the peace and well-being of mankind, now therefore, the Mayor and Councillors of the city of Frankston and the Mayor and City Assembly of the city of Susono, do hereby proclaim the affiliation of the two cities as sister cities.

In becoming sister cities, the Council and the City Assembly pledge that they will do all in their power to assist in the exchange of people and of information on culture, education, recreation, custom, economic and community affairs and that they will encourage the development of friendship between people of all ages of both cities, and so develop a bond one with the other."