Sunday 1 October 2000

Chairperson's Report 1999/2000 - John Richards

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2000 Annual General Meeting of the Frankston Susono Friendship Association and to present my report on a very successful year.

Your committee has been particularly energetic this year in an effort to raise the profile of the Association and to engender community interest in the Sister City Link so that there will be support for a bid to host the Australian Sister Cities Association's Conference in Frankston at some time in the future.

A reported last year that there had been a delegation to the ASCA conference in Darwin. This year the conference timing has changed and will be held in Adelaide in October. I am pleased to report that there will again be a delegation to this conference and also an entry in one of the award categories.

A major highlight of the year was undoubtedly the FSFA delegation to Susono in October/November 1999 to attend the Australian Fair. The delegation was large, some 25 people, and was a good mix of FSFA members, councillors (including the mayor and his wife), council officers and outside industry representatives. The delegation was very successful and some of that delegation has already put their names down for next year.
I am pleased to say that this year we received an exchange student from Susono after a one year gap in the exchange program. The exchange student's name is Ai Hirota and she will be talking to you later this evening.
Laura Wallis has returned from a very successful year in Susono and will also be talking to you this evening.

Laura is an excellent example of an exchange student and this was shown be her aplomb in delivering her segment of a recent FSFA presentation to Council about the Association and its relationship to Council.
I referred earlier to your active committee. I would like to thank them for their assistance and drive this year and the energy they are expending in planning and undertaking activities. These include:

·         The Japanese Fair                                                                                 14-15 October 2000
·         The Japanese Speech Contest                                                               8 September 2000
·         The Australian Sister Cities Conference in Adelaide                           2-5 October 2000
·         The Japanese Language lessons now under way
·         Teacher selection for Susono
·         The delegation to the Susono Australian Fair

I would also like to specifically thank Peter Patterson for his production of the FSFA Newsletters and the preparation of a History of FSFA, which is nearly complete.

Finally I wish to thank Frankston Council for their continued support and in particular Council Officers Beverley Parsons and Michael Craighead who have provided support to FSFA in the form of minutes and other administrative tasks. Their help is most appreciated.

We have an exciting year ahead and I invite all members of the Association to become involved in the activities.