Thursday 1 October 1987

Chairman's Report 1986/87 - Noel Ferguson

Student Exchange

Yuko Onada was transferred from Mount Eliza High School to Ballam Park Technical School. Osamu Sugiyama and Yuko Onada actively participated in local group activities and have been on a number of trips.

Giselle Bates from Toorak College selected as the Exchange Student for 1987. Risako Miyake had been selected by SOFA to be the Susono Exchange Student for 1987. She is attending John Paul College and is being given great support by the school.

Japanese Garden

Meetings being held with local business people to discuss strategies to enlist corporate sponsorship and gather additional funding. Yazaki Australia had agreed to contribute $5000. SOFA assisting with the appointment of a Japanese Gardener to help guide the project.

Susono House

The Executive endorsed a proposal from developers to name a new development on Nepean Highway Susono House in honour of our sister city.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has continued to meet regularly each month and are grateful for the Council's assistance in the use of the Civic Centre for a meeting venue and the involvement of Adrian Butler (Chief Executive Officer) as our Secretary from time to time his staff, particularly Veronica Ferguson. Janice Matthews resigned during the year.

Diane Seeber made a visit to Susono and was made very welcome with several receptions held in her honour.