Saturday 9 September 2017

2017 FSFA Japanese Speech Contest

FSFA Japanese Speech Contest

The Frankston Susono Friendship Association held its annual Japanese Speech Contest at Monash Peninsula Campus on Friday 8th September. The Association is a group of volunteer citizens who administer Frankston’s sister city relationship with Susono, Shizuoka in Japan on behalf of the Frankston Council. FSFA have worked to promote Japanese culture, the study of Japanese language plus student and cultural exchanges since the sister city relationship was established in February 1982.

The Association invited students from local primary and secondary schools for this year’s contest and 80 entries were received. Contestants were required to recite a short self-introduction followed by a set piece based on the story of Hachiko the loyal Akita breed of dog, and were judged by a panel of Japanese speakers. Contestants competed in Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Japanese Environment (Primary), Junior Secondary, Intermediate Secondary, Japanese Environment (Secondary) and Senior Secondary divisions.

FSFA Chairperson Peter Patterson welcomed all contestants, their parents and teachers before explaining the work undertaken by the Association and the importance of the annual contest in promoting the teaching of Japanese language in our local schools.

FSFA Chairperson Peter Patterson

The evening’s program started with the primary divisions kicking off proceedings and over 35 nervous and excited contestants presenting before the judging panel. Individual trophies were awarded to the top three students in each division, with the top contestant in each division also awarded a perpetual trophy which is displayed with pride at their school for the next 12 months.


Lower Primary:

1st           Olivia B (Benton Junior College)
2nd          Molly B (Derinya Primary School)
3rd           Frances W (Derinya Primary School)

Molly B (Derinya PS) - 2nd Lower Primary

Frances W (Derinya PS) - 3rd place Lower Primary

Upper Primary:

1st           Jorden L (Derinya Primary School)
2nd          Alyssa L (Derinya Primary School)
3rd           Tess U (Toorak College)

Jorden L (Derinya PS), Alyssa L (Derinya PS) and Tess U (Toorak College)

Japanese Environment (Primary):

1st           Joe C (Overport Primary School)
2nd          Saya P (Overport Primary School)
3rd           Nalu B (Balnarring Primary School)

Joe C (Overport PS), Saya P (Overport PS) and Nalu B (Balnarring PS)

The secondary schools followed with students presenting a more detailed self-introduction and set piece in each of the 4 divisions. At the conclusion of these speeches the judges commented on the impressive standard of all contestants and recognised the enormous challenge of memorising and presenting a speech in the Japanese language, especially given that the senior division students are required to write, memorise and present a 3 to 5 minute speech on a Japanese themed topic.



1st           Aayush K (Hillcrest Christian College)
2nd          Sarah L (Toorak College)
3rd           Ain M (Haileybury - Newlands)

Aayush K (Hillcrest Christian College)
 - 1st Junior Secondary

Sarah L (Toorak College) - 2nd Junior Secondary


1st           Caitlin T (McClelland Secondary College)
2nd          Joan G (St Peter’s College)
3rd           Beck F (Hillcrest Christian College)

Caitlyn T (McClelland SC), Beck F (Hillcrest Christian College) and Joan G (St Peter's College)

Japanese Environment (Secondary):

1st           Sarah F (Frankston High School)
2nd          Sam F (Frankston High School)
3rd           Len C (Naranga School)

Sarah F (Frankston HS), Sam F (Frankston HS) and Len C (Naranga School)


1st           Kimberley N (Toorak College)
2nd          Chloe C (McClelland Secondary College)
3rd           Kobe S (St Peter’s College)

Kimberley N (Toorak College), Chloe C (McClelland SC) and Kobe S (St Peter's College)

* Please note that some students did not give permission to publish their photo *