Wednesday 20 November 2019

ABC Article on Sister Cities

FSFA Executive Committee member David Cross has bought to our attention an interesting ABC article discussing the value of sister city relationships.

We strongly believe we have established a very worthwhile relationship with Susono that brings great value to both cities! We have passionate volunteers working to create meaningful opportunities for the citizens of our respective cities, and have done so for over 37 years!

The costs involved in sister city delegation visits appear to be the main area of concern. Frankston and Susono arrange delegations where they visit each other approximately every 4 years, often to coincide with significant anniversaries. These delegations offer citizens and school students potentially life-changing experiences as a part of their travel to another country, their sister city, and a homestay experience with a Japanese family.

However, our Association offers a great deal more than just delegation visits. We organise a Sister Cities Australia award-winning Japanese Festival every 2 years which allows Frankston citizens the opportunity to experience Japanese culture, music, activities, food and more; our annual Japanese speech contest provides over 70 primary and secondary students the chance to practice their Japanese language skills and supports the teaching of the language in schools within and beyond the City of Frankston; our annual Hanami (cherry blossom) Party held in the Japanese Garden at Frankston High School allows Japanese families to meet and extend their friendship and support network; we also petitioned Frankston Council to relocate Susono Way to the front of the Frankston Private Hospital and the construction of the Susono Tribute Garden along Susono Way.

These and more activities are organised and run by members and friends of the Frankston Susono Friendship Association on behalf of the Frankston City Council!

If you are interested in joining our Association or becoming more involved, then please follow the Contact Us tab at the top of this page. We would welcome your involvement!

Please click HERE to read the online ABC article on sister cities.