Monday 18 May 2020

Japanese Garden - Autumn Update

It was a typical autumn weekend - cold and crisp mornings followed by cloudless, sunny afternoons. It was a great time to get back into the Japanese Garden at Frankston High and spend a couple of afternoons de-leafing! The leaves on the cherry and maple trees have turned those lovely warm autumn colours and most have now fallen - most!

It was also the first weekend after the restrictions had been lifted so an ideal opportunity to grab a rake and my leaf blower. First task was to give the trees a good old shake to dislodge any loose leaves, then work my way to ground level removing leaves sitting on the azaleas, rhododendrons and other shrubs, and finally raking the leaves from under each of the plants and shrubs so they could either be picked or sucked up by the leaf blower.

At the end of the process it's very satisfying to stand back and take a few snaps - as the occasional leaf drops to the ground! I reminded the remaining leaves I'd be back for them another time.

Once the colder months are behind us and the ground begins to warm up I will organise a working bee and we'll plant some more mondo grass to fill the bare patches!