Sunday 24 January 2021

Japanese Garden - Summer Update

With some heat expected over the next few days I though it wise to get into the Japanese Garden early Sunday morning.

Most of the leaves in the garden are dropped by the surrounding gum trees, with the exception being during autumn. Gum trees shed leaves year round but more so during the summer months to reduce the potential for even greater water loss.

There had also been a build up of bamboo leaves and litter at the Foot Street end of the garden which required reducing.

Of course the weeds always require attention as with most gardens!

Once the blower vac was used to pick up the remaining leaves it was time for the watering.

Whilst the automatic watering system is set to come on each day, it doesn't reach every part of the garden and a good soaking was in order ahead of the predicted severe heat.

The garden is now ready for the start of the school year after the Australia Day holiday!

Once the summer months have passed and we move into autumn a working bee will be organised to plant more mondo grass and trim the many shrubs and plants in the garden.