Wednesday 15 May 2024

Taiko Come ‘N’ Try - April 2024

On Sunday 14th April members of the Frankston Taiko Drumming group held a Come ‘N’ Try Taiko event at Ballam Park on Cranbourne Road, Frankston. The group was formed in early 2023 and had a community workshop to construct 16 gomi daiko (rubbish drums!) using 75L plastic rubbish bins, heavy-duty packaging tape, plus 16 sets of bachi (drum sticks). From June 2023 members of the taiko group have been meeting once a month for a 90-minute lesson with Toshi Sakamoto from Wadaiko Rindo, a taiko drumming group who have performed at Richmond FC home games and many Japanese Festivals – including our own held in Frankston over many years. The group also meets once a month for an additional 60-minute practice session.


The aim of the Come ‘N’ Try event was to promote our association and taiko group, plus allow members of the Frankston community to try Japanese drumming. It was great to see so many attendees prepared to have a go and learn the basics of taiko. All 16 drums were being used and even 2 participants were playing on some of the drums. We also held a second session as more people arrived to have their turn.

We set up our drums near the eastern playground and barbeques with an information table, our FSFA banners on display and members dressed in our colourful Susono happi coats. After a brief warm-up members of the group played the Matsuri Daiko (Festival Drum) piece we have been learning during our lessons and practice sessions. The performance attracted a sizable crowd so we decided to not play the second planned piece and invited members of the audience to join us and give taiko drumming a try!



Led by Vice-Chairperson Simon, participants were shown the bachi grip and stance before commencing a brief warm-up. This was followed by some basic drumming patterns from the beginnings of both the Matsuri Daiko and Matsuri Taiko pieces - the Matsuri Taiko was performed on stage by the Frankston Delegation at the Australian Fair in Susono last October. Participants included toddlers, children, teenagers, mums and dads as well as a few older folks with everyone playing with great enthusiasm, enjoyment and effort!


We also distributed our FSFA promotional flyer and taiko notice and added over a dozen names to our taiko contact list. Everyone agreed that it was a very successful event with the participants enjoying their taiko experience and having lots of fun.