Saturday 1 October 1988

Chairman's Report 1987/88 - Noel Ferguson

The whole of this last year has been soured by the decision of Frankston Council on Monday 11th July to withdraw its support for the construction of the Japanese-style garden and to abandon the project. Having initiated the garden as a symbol of the Sister-city relationship and having devoted endless hours to bringing it about, I feel a huge disappointment and let down plus being perplexed that the Council would decide to deny the community such an outstanding asset as the garden was to be. Personally I have not got an answer as to where do we go from here, but I do not propose to accept that it is lost forever.

Student Exchange

Leanne Johnston and Katrina Larson are currently in Japan (making our numbers now 13 who have had Exchange opportunity) and from all reports are enjoying the experience in a similar vein to their predecessors. At the same time we have Tsuyoki, Midori and Kyoko (making 14 Japanese students) staying with us after arriving in April and on their display at the recent Mayoral Debutante Ball the girls have certainly settled into the Frankston lifestyle.


S.O.F.A. Visit

We were hosts to a party of 36 people from Susono in late January and an excellent program was provided by those charged with that responsibility and the Hannan family plus friends are to be congratulated on the interesting and fun-packed activities they held. (We have now received confirmation of a further delegation of 28 to be headed by Mayor lchikawa and Chairman of S.O.F.A. Mr. Yamaguchi to be entertained mid-August-in Frankston).

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has continued to meet regularly each month and are grateful for the Council's assistance in the use of the Civic Centre for a meeting venue and the involvement of Adrian Butler (Chief Executive Officer) as our Secretary from time to time his staff, particularly Veronica Ferguson.  During the year Vic Walker resigned as our Treasurer after doing a sterling job for some years and since then John Richards has eagerly and capably taken over. Diane Seeber, one of our longer-serving Executive members and a very competent and hard-working Counsellor to the Japanese students for some years has also recently decided to resign. Diane will be missed, as she has been a strong supporter of our Association and active in all facets of the group.


Due to a concerted effort by some members of the Executive led by John Richards and Bev Hannan, our membership is now larger than it has been for 4 or 5 years, totalling 54 families, 42 single and 7 Pensioner/ Student members, more than double the previous year. We have an influx of Yazaki people and subsequently Jerry Honeywell from that company has been elected to the Executive.

Past Exchange Students Group

Therese Hannan has proposed that a support group of past exchange students be formed and the value of their experience be harnessed for their own benefit as well as the Associations.

The Future

I believe the Association has need to broaden its membership base and have involvement from a much wider representation of community groups, schools etc. with a view to both the Frankston and Susono people having a regular, close and beneficial involvement with each other. In the early days of the link Scouts, Service Clubs, Sporting Clubs, Service Clubs all indicated willingness and keenness to have regular contact but this seems to be nonexistent at present. This sort of exchange, co-ordinated by Frankston Susono Friendship Association is the best way to ensure the objectives of the agreement between both Cities can be fulfilled.
On November 12,1987 her Worship the Mayor Cr. Leonie Clark received a visit from 17 Mayors and senior officials from the Shiga Prefectural Association of City Mayors.
In December 1987 Mayor Cr. Leonie Clark visited Susono.

From January 24 and 25,1988 a delegation of 36 Susono citizens visited Frankston and was hosted by both the Council and the Frankston Susono Friendship Association.
In August 1988 Chairman of the Frankston Susono Friendship Association Cr. Noel Ferguson and his wife, attended the Australian Sister Cities Association Annual Conference in Cairns. The Mayor Cr. Val Ogier, together with Cr. and Mrs. Ferguson and the Chief Executive officer Adrian Butler, attended the Australia Japan Sister Cities Symposium in Brisbane, together with six representatives from Susono (including the Mayor Mr. Takeshi Ichikawa and Chairman of the SOFA Mr. Yamaguchi).

On August 22/23 1988 following the Brisbane Symposium the above group was joined by 20 Susono citizens and spent two days in Frankston, hosted by the Frankston Susono Friendship Association, the Council and Yazaki Australia. On August 22 a Civic Reception at Civic Centre was held for the party followed by a home stay visit of approximately 2 hours and then a social evening barbecue at John Paul College. Members of the delegation staying the night at the Frankston International Motel. On August 23 the group went sightseeing and other activities followed by lunch at Yazaki.