Sunday 1 October 1989

Chairman's Report 1988/89 - Noel Ferguson

Preparing to write this report I have glanced back over Executive Meeting Minutes, Newsletters etc. to the same time 12 months earlier when I reflected then on the bitterness felt with the Council not proceeding with the long-awaited Japanese Garden. On a more positive note was the anticipation and preparation for a visit of a delegation from Susono, to be led by Mayor Ichikawa, and an expected party of 27. This, as all will recall, occurred late in August and was a short but fruitful trip for both the visitors and ourselves as their hosts.

Student Exchange

Katrina Larsen and Leanne Johnston have subsequently completed their sojourn to Japan, Kate's stay being cut short by her father's ill health and unfortunate death.

Despite a number of applicants and the choosing of two suitable participants, the boy changed his mind, withdrew, and so only Joanne Walters is representing us in Japan f or this year.

At the other end, three Japanese students were chosen and are now eagerly in our midst. Miss Rika Muramatsu is attending Frankston High School, Miss Chiharu Suzuki is at Karingal High School and the only boy Jun Katsumata is continuing our involvement with Ballam Park Technical School.

We are about to embark on choosing students to go to Japan in 1990 and there appears to be very keen interest with an expected six applicants.

Donna Saville and Rod Johnston have joined the ranks of Counsellors to our student visitors and with the support and assistance of the longer serving stalwart Bev Hannan, are seemingly enjoying the experience of an extended family.

Sister City Symposium

Our Mayor, Cr. Val Ogier, Chief Executive (and our Secretary), Adrian Butler and my wife, Lorraine and I attended this activity in August, 1988, along with Mayor lchikawa, Mr. Yamaguchi and Mr. Sugiyama. This actually proceeded the later visit by the Japanese who joined up with others from Susono and formed the delegation referred to earlier. Apart from the attendance of many imminent people and with some high calibre key-note speakers the outstanding highlight of this event was the address given to the attendees, from all over Australia and Japan, by Mayor lchikawa who showed unknown and hidden talent and delivered his speech entirely in English.

Social Events

Late last year we were expecting the opening of a new Japanese restaurant where we hoped we could hold a suitable function. Most will probably be aware of the new buildings on Nepean Highway adjoining Frankston House, and to be named Susono House in recognition of our sister-city relationship, where the restaurant will be located. The building is only now finished and the restaurant soon to be opened - with supreme optimism we expect to hold a function there very soon.
The annual Ajana Lane sports and entertainment day was held again in February this year and in view of the excellent weather was very well attended. A welcome home was given to Kate and Leanne and Joanne wished bon voyage.

The most recent event was the obviously enjoyable night held at Yazaki on Saturday 24th June where good attendance reflected the support of many members for such occasions. Some students from Frankston High School, who are in the party to visit Japan in September/October this year, had a chance to broaden their knowledge and begin to accustom their taste buds to Japanese food.

In May/June 1989 Mayor Cr. Valerie Ogier visited Susono.

In September 1989 a party of 18 students and 3 teachers from Frankston High School visited their sister school, Kawaguchi Kita High School. The party spent two days in Susono and was given a civic reception by the Susono Overseas Friendship Association.