Tuesday 1 October 2013

Chairperson's Report 2012/13 - Peter Patterson

I pleased to report on the past year of the activities of the Frankston Susono Friendship Association. A small group of us continue to look after the sister city relationship on behalf of the Frankston Council. Thank you to all the Executive members and others who have joined us during the year. Chris Hodgins continues her sterling effort with admin support to the Association.

In November a handful of us ran a sausage sizzle at the Frankston Festival of lights. It was a great fundraising effort for the Association and thanks to those who helped out on the night.

Simon Hast was the champion of our Japanese Garden at the Frankston High School. He organised several working bees during the year to get the plants under control particularly the bamboo. New plantings were made to freshen up the garden and cleaning of the stones was amongst other tasks undertaken during the year. The garden is starting to make a comeback after being a little unloved for a period of time.

The Frankston Council are gradually replacing the city entrance signs and I am pleased to report that the Susono City Logo is proudly part of the next signage in recognition of the long standing sister city relationship.

On 5 May we held a Japanese Festival at the Derinya Primary School. A great turnout of people and lots of new friends were made. Thanks to all those who helped organise the event and worked all day to present the best of Japanese culture. We were supported some terrific people who came along and displayed and demonstrated other aspects of Japan. These include Model Railways, Martial Arts, Music and Calligraphy. Given the success of this event we are planning to hold a regular Festival to connect with the local community and encourage interest in the Japanese Culture and Language.

Our other promotional avenue for the Japanese Language is our annual Speech Contest at Monash University. The event continues to develop and evolve and is well supported by local schools. We have this year’s contest on this Friday.

This year we again were visited by a small group of students and 2 teachers from our sister city of Susono. Thanks to Derinya Primary school and Therese Sakamoto for looking after the group during their visit.

I would like to thank the Frankston Council for their ongoing support of our work and allocation of funding for our activities each year.

I thank you all for your attendance tonight and thank you again to all the Executive members and supporters of our sister city relationship.