Wednesday 8 August 2018

Susono Schools and Derinya Hosts Visit Frankston High and Council Chambers

This morning (Wednesday 8 August) the Susono Schools Delegation and their Derinya Primary School hosts visited both Frankston High School and the Frankston City Offices before heading to The Enchanted Maze at Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula.

The group, which included teaching staff from both Susono and Derinya schools, were welcomed to Frankston High School by Principal John Albiston before joining Ms. Lian Fulton's 8M Japanese class for Period 2. The students conducted interviews in both Japanese and English so the students could further develop their language skills using a practical activity. The Frankston students then reported their findings to the class before all the students participated in a fun and engaging game of bingo - with the numbers being called in both languages.

The delegation then walked across to the VCE campus to visit and view the Japanese Friendship Garden, which represents the enduring relationship between our two great cities. Group photos were also taken in the garden, a long held tradition for tour groups visiting from our sister city of Susono.

Later in the morning the tour group arrived at the Frankston City Offices and were warmly welcomed by Mayor Colin Hampton, in full mayoral robes, inside the Council chambers. Each member of the Susono delegation was presented with a gift bag and had their photo taken with Mayor Hampton. The Derinya students and staff were also presented with gifts from the Council. There were also group pictures taken, firstly with the Susono students and teachers, before being joined by the Derinya students and teachers.

After the visit, the tour group boarded their coach and headed off for a tour of the Mornington Peninsula and a visit to The Enchanted Maze at Arthurs Seat.

The Derinya students and teachers on today's tour will be travelling to Japan and visiting our sister city in early October this year!

Susono and Derinya students join 8M for a Japanese class

"Let's enjoy a game of bingo!"

Group photo in the Japanese Friendship Garden

Mrs. Aiko Nakayama meeting Mayor Colin Hampton (Miss Hazumi Nishina in the background)

Mayor Colin Hampton with the students and teachers visiting from Susono

The Mayor with students and teachers from Susono and Derinya