Sunday 5 August 2018

Susono Schools Visit Frankston

On Sunday afternoon we welcomed the Susono Schools Delegation, led by Mrs Aiko Nakayama, to Frankston for their short-term stay with the students, teachers and families of Derinya Primary School. Over the next week the 10 students, who have been selected from primary schools and junior high schools (Grade 5 to Year 8) in Susono, will home stay with an Australian family and participate in a range of activities. This will include attending Derinya PS classes, a visit to meet Frankston Mayor Cr Colin Hampton, participate in a Japanese class at Frankston High School, and a tour of The Enchanted Maze.
A welcome party was held at Derinya Primary School to greet the visitors from our sister city. FSFA Vice-Chairperson Simon Hast welcomed the delegation, adding that such visits were important in helping to strengthen the bonds of friendship that exist between our two great cities. He also thanked both Derinya Primary and the host families for generously sharing their classrooms and homes over the next week. The Susono students were encouraged to enjoy their time with their host families and take the opportunity to make many new Aussie friends!
After a short response from Nakayama-san, each of the Susono students then introduced themselves to everyone in English. Then the Derinya students who will travel to Japan in October later this year made their self-introduction in Japanese.
Everyone then enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea before the students left to commence their home stay with their host families. Let the fun begin!