Sunday 5 December 2021

Japanese Garden Update - December 2021

 Gaining access to the Japanese Garden at this time of the year is always a challenge due to the Year 12 and 11 examinations during November. The recent weather has promoted lots of growth - particularly the bamboo which can shoot up anywhere throughout the garden!

The bamboo can pop up anywhere throughout the garden!

Saturday afternoon was a chance to cut and poison the unwanted bamboo, remove the dead rhododendron flowers and clean and tidy the fallen leaves.

During one of my breaks I ventured outside the garden to inspect one of the nearby gums that had lost a substantial section during the recent storms and spotted a family of tawny frogmouths - a parent and two chicks!

On Sunday I was joined by David and Anita Cross, Julie and Fiona D'Arcy and Adrian Thomas who assisted with deadheading the MANY flowers on the azalea shrubs. Adrian and I finished the task by fertilizing the garden with dynamic lifter and spreading the 10 bags of organic compost before the final watering was completed.

A huge thank you to Anita, David, Julie, Fiona and Adrian for their help and apologies for the short notice and to those who had already made Sunday morning plans.

Julie, Adrian, Fiona, Anita, David and Simon

The garden is now well prepared for the coming warmer months and as I write this article the follow up rain I ordered has arrived to further soak our lovely garden!

Adrian will be pleased to provide a garden update report at our December committee meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday 7th December).

The sun even came out just as I was about to take some "after" pictures of our morning's efforts.